Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines

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Hello folks, if you are using WordPress since 7 years you should know about this amazing WordPress plugin called “Super Post Cleaner”; that cleans your old duplicate post with same post title. It’s doesn’t hurt original post or your created post category. Old is gold. This old wordpress plugins still relatable to this present time to boost your site’s performance.

What is Super Post Cleaner?

Super Post Cleaner is very useful plugin that delete duplicate post but it doesn’t affect your menus. It’s very useful if you running a news websites or similar website that produces bunch of content on daily basis.

Super Post Cleaner plugin uses

This plugins cleans your junks by deleting duplicate post with same title. That’s the way this plugins helps your website to responds quickly with server responses. That’s the way it help your website to load quickly. Although it’s doesn’t hurt your custom made categories or tags. So you can use this plugin without any tension.

Beside this you can follow 5 wordpress mistake that usually happens.

How to install Super Post Cleaner

1. Firstly login to your WordPress dashboard. Like goto “”. Replace with your site address.

2. Login with your credentials.

3. Goto Plugins under wordpress dashboard.

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Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines 7

4. Now in the Plugins search bar just type “Super Post Cleaner”

5. You may got some others plugins as usual but find out the right plugin called “Super Post Cleaner” by the author named “chrisBuck”.

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Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines 8

6. Now click “Install now” and wait for a moment to successfully installed in your WordPress site.

7. In a fraction of second it will Install and asking you to Activate it.

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Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines 10

8. Click on blue colour “Activate” button to start using this wordpress plugin.

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Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines 11

9. Now to ready to shows its skill and ability.

Now you can set back to relax. It’s doesn’t need any extra settings like other complex plugins. It’s runs automatically and everytime you have create a duplicate content unknowingly. It doesn’t touch your valuable content thats generate traffic. It’s just have problem with the duplicate one. Which creates false attraction to visitors and distract your page views on duplicate post.


Hope you love this wordpress plugin. You should give a try to this amazing WordPress at least once. I sure its doesn’t let you down. It a super cool plugins that works silently. I personally used this plugins on your websites. Its never misbehave to create any unnecessary trouble for blogger. Just deleting duplicate post to stay with the original one. Still its one and only plugin in this profession. I have failed pick any perfect alternative to Super Post Cleaner WordPress Plugins. That the way this plugins works not even any plugins can do the same jobs with same efficiency. So why are waiting for. Install it right now and enjoy hustle free blogging.

Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines

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