Improve Readability of Your WordPress Website in 10 steps

improve readability

Page Readability is vital part of Mobile usability. Being a serious blogger you can’t ignore mobile usability issues in In this “mobile-first” era of blogging. If visitors can’t feel comfortable to read your content then your hours of hard work will go to waste. So your first task should be to make your website visually appealing to your visitors. Improve readability of a WordPress website is a matter of time with the various plugins and settings available to WordPress developers.

Below are some key steps you should take to improve readability on your WordPress site.

1. Choose Clear Font

Nowadays every Good wordpress theme comes with support for multiple fonts. Choose a font that you feel comfortable reading your article for 10 minutes of continuous reading. If you search in google for “best font for page readability” you will get results with top 5 fonts suggestions i.e. Helvetica, Open Sans, Georgia, Lato, Arial, Roboto and many more. These all fonts in suggestions are passed the page readability test. Also you need to choose the right font according to your content. Not a single a font can’t suits well in all type of websites. So keep experiment with your font, whenever you’re find out your dream font, just stay with it. It’s improves your page experience.

2. Accurate Font Size

After choosing your dream the next step should fixing your font size. Just remember to always think from your audience’s point of view about what should and shouldn’t be. Choose a clear font for your WordPress site that is pleasing to the eye on any device be it mobile, desktop or tablet. I can advise you from my experience that font larger than 16 px will be fine for your website.

3. Choose the Perfect Contrast

Sometimes setting contrast incorrectly can reduce your page readability. So it’s important to tone your body text contrast to keep visitors eye healthy. You need to remember that your content should not be too blurry to make it difficult to read. Remember again, too much contrast can strain your audience’s eyes. Maintain a good contrast between text and background colors. Bold text on a light background or vice versa is easy for anyone to read.

4. Paragraph Length

Your content should be detailed to make it understandable for everyone. But you should elaborate your article with short and concise paragraphs. This way you can keep your audience engaged for longer periods of reading. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break up content and make it easier for your audience to read. Aim for a reasonable line length (about 65-75 characters per line) so that readers don’t lose energy while reading.

5. Whitespace

Use adequate whitespace between lines, paragraphs, and elements to avoid visual clutter and improve readability. Sometimes we as bloggers face some mobile usability issues in Google search console like “Clickable elements are too close together”. Goto theme settings>> under ‘advance settings’ you should find out the option to set whitespace as you like. Set a right whitespace between elements can fix 70% of your mobile usability issues.

6. Use Media

You should use appropriate number of media such as image files or video files or any other graphic content to break up your long paragraphs and make it more engaging for your website visitors. Moreover, you should serve your images in the next gen format on your WordPress site to improve your site speed. Wanna know about tricks & tips to improve your site loading speed you follow our another article called “10 ways to improve Pagespeed insights score“.

7. Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

Make sure your site has a responsive design that adapts to any device screen. Your site’s content, menus, and everything else should adapt to the device’s screen size. You can use many online responsive checker websites like BrowserStake to check if your site is responsive.

8. Use SEO Plugins

You should use SEO plugins on your WordPress website. There are many free or paid SEO plugins available in the WordPress plugin store. We recommend using “Yoast SEO Plugins” or “Rank Math SEO“. These two plugins are the most trusted SEO plugins according to user reviews. These SEO plugins are very useful to detect the readability of your page.

9. Check-in Google Webmaster tool daily

Although not everyone will agree with me on this point, checking Google Webmaster Tools daily is a good practice for your site. Google Webmaster Tools acts as your SEO guide telling you what work you should put into your site to improve readability as well as overall mobile usability. It tells you quickly whenever your page or article lacks mobile usability and you often start your fixing work and the problem is covered in the mean time. It helps you to increase your productivity as a blogger. This way you can easily maintain your website page readability.

10. User-Focused Content

When you start writing an article remember that you are not writing for search engines like Google, Bing, you have to remember that you are writing for other people who like to read blogs like yours.


By implementing these tips, you can increase the readability of your WordPress site, making it more user-friendly and attractive to your visitors. If you look at it from the money side, you still need to follow these 10 steps. Because the more readable your WordPress site is, the more visitors you will get. So keep your hard work to keep your hard earned engagement.

Improve Readability of Your WordPress Website in 10 steps

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