How to Get Worthy Backlinks Easily For Your WordPress Website

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As a WordPress developer or a Blog writer we need to create meaningful expertise content that gives value to our visitors which they are looking for along with the worthy backlinks.

Backlinks are super useful in terms of get better serp results. Better serp results give us better targetted audience and more more inspiration to write more content for them.

As new blog writer it may be frustrating for 6-12 month without any results. We just write tons of content doesn’t know who gonna read it. Many times i got very nagative feeling to drop the ideas of blogging. So please read our articles, it’s just take your 2-3 mins but it’s lots to me as a WordPress writer.

After many hustle i have seen in my blogging journey I’m going to share some easy methods to get your niche worthy backlinks for your new or mid aged blog.

Build Super Worthy Backlinks Easily

If you continue reading this article yet this point you suppose to be interested in build backlinks to increase targetted audience to your blog website. Don’t worry i am here to help you in this matter. Of course, I’d be happy to help you with some strategies to get worthy backlinks for your WordPress blog/website. Here are a few approaches you can consider:

Create Link-Worthy Content:

In any circumstances, you should never forget that “Content Is King”. It’s a eternal truth for bloggers. In this era of AI, Our content still be the king. If you forget this facts you can’t get higher spot in serp results. So always try to create a Content that valuable to others. So others people leave your link as reference. And you get what you want, nothing but a high authority backlink.

Participate in Niche related Discussion

one of the most easy method to get a link worthy backlink is participating in discussion in your niche. You can use any forum website or question-answer type (Like to get engaged in discussion in your niche related content. This will help you from both ways. Firstly you can stay updated what’s your visitors searching for. And secondly you can leave your site’s content link to that forum website if you have same related content. You should optimise your site opening time as visitors can’t wait long to open your link in forum site. In this way you can get spam free backlink.

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing or Social sharing is the best method to get engaged with your audience. Whenever you publish a new content you should share to all social media platforms as much as you can. This social sharing help to reach out to your audience directly in thier social timeline. In this era of social media, all you have to do to create a Facebook page on your website name. Update your facebook page regular with suitable articles. Get likes in your page to grow your social carrier. Create a (formerly known as Twitter) account in your brand name. Get engaged with various tweets in your niche and get targeted visitors. Similarly you can use YouTube channel, Reddit Account, instagram account etc to gather your targetted audience in every social handle they use.

Interview and Podcasts

Approach to influencers or experts in your niche to give interview and podcast to your website. They might share the interview in their social handle which have tons of followers. So you get quick gain in your visitors. Choosing wrong influencers or experts in other than your niche might get false spike in traffic. So get influencer only in your specific niche to get better results.

Collaborate with other bloggers

In this today’s world we are not alone in any field. If you research carefully you can get more people who are working on same niche like you. Don’t thought them as your competition. Instead, join them and collaborate with them. Collaborate with other WordPress developers, designers or bloggers to create co-authored content. This can be in the form of tutorials, case studies or in-depth analysis.

Guest Posting

Guest posting one of popular method to showcase your writing talent. You can write meaningful Content for others and mail them to approach. If they approached they might post your article in their high authority website. You get a super easy but worthy backlink to boost your organic traffic.


Remember, building worthy backlinks is a super long process. It’s a gradual process that requires a patience-full blogger to be successful in your blogging journey. I have share 6 useful tricks to create backlink for your website or blog. Follow them all without skipping any to get quick response.

How to Get Worthy Backlinks Easily For Your WordPress Website

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