Headless WordPress is Future of WordPress Development: Explained in Hindi

Hello guys aaj mein jis cheez k baare mein baat karne jaa raha huin Wo kafi dilchast hain. Jee hain, main baat kar raha hu “Headless WordPress” ke baare mein. Bohot logo k manna ha Ye Headless WordPress, Blogging aur wordpress development ka nawa jaria hain balki future hain wordpress ka. Hum mese jo log […]

15 Ways to Better WordPress SEO

Hello friends hope everyone is well. Today I am going to share my experience about SEO. All the do’s and don’ts that I’ve learned through my blogging life. Avoiding many of the SEO mistakes I’ve made in the past, I hope you don’t make the same mistakes as regular WPnegar visitors. 15 Ways to Improve […]

How to Set an Expiration Date for the Content in WordPress

Implementing content expiration dates in WordPress is a strategic approach that brings many benefits to website owners and visitors alike. By automatically deleting old content, you can maintain a fresh, relevant and organized website. This not only enhances user experience but also enhances search engine optimization and ensures compliance with time-sensitive regulations. Benefits of set […]

Improve Readability of Your WordPress Website in 10 steps

Page Readability is vital part of Mobile usability. Being a serious blogger you can’t ignore mobile usability issues in In this “mobile-first” era of blogging. If visitors can’t feel comfortable to read your content then your hours of hard work will go to waste. So your first task should be to make your website visually […]

Super Post Cleaner: Uses, Instalation Method & Guidelines

Hello folks, if you are using WordPress since 7 years you should know about this amazing WordPress plugin called “Super Post Cleaner”; that cleans your old duplicate post with same post title. It’s doesn’t hurt original post or your created post category. Old is gold. This old wordpress plugins still relatable to this present time […]

How to Get Worthy Backlinks Easily For Your WordPress Website

As a WordPress developer or a Blog writer we need to create meaningful expertise content that gives value to our visitors which they are looking for along with the worthy backlinks. Backlinks are super useful in terms of get better serp results. Better serp results give us better targetted audience and more more inspiration to […]

The Future of WordPress Themes: Predictions and Trends for 2023

Pichhale kuch time se WordPress website development ke liye sabase popular platforms mein se ek hai. Isaka use karana aasaan hai, high customizable hai, aur themes aur plugins kee ek vast array ke saath aata hai. WordPress themes ek website ke overall look aur feel mein crucial role nibhaate hai. Ve website ke visual appearance […]

5 Common WordPress Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ek website ke owner ke roop mein, aapane shyaad WordPress ko aapne content management system ke roop mein chuna hai kyonki yah upalabdh sabase popular aur user-friendly platforms mein se ek hai. Haalaanki, sabase achhe iraadon ke saath bhee, aapke WordPress website ko ser aur manage karate samay mistakes kee ja sakate hain. Is article […]

How to Secure Your WordPress Site Against Hackers?

Jaise ki WordPress web development industry par dominate hai, WordPress websites kee security ek crucial concern ban gaee hai.Durbhaagy se, WordPress sites attacks ke prati vulnerable hain, aur unhen hackers se secure karana essential hai. Iss lekh mein, hum aapke WordPress site ko hackers se secure karane ke kuch best practices par discuss karenge. Define(DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’,true) […]

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